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Even though Abhi Bhattachrya won a Filmfare award for a Hindi film, he was one of the favourite actors of Rwitick Ghatak and had starred in a number of Ghatak’s films, particularly in SubarnaRekha where he played a key role.


Starting his film career with Nitin Basu’s Naukadubi, the Bengali remake of Dilip Kumar starrer Milan,  Abhi Bhattacharya went on to feature in a number of Hindi and Bengali movies including Jagriti, for which he won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award   in 1954. He was a regular in many block buster Hindi films like Anuradha, Amar Prem, Amanush, Aradhana and the classic Dosti.


He turned spiritual after coming in contact with Dadaji, on whom he wrote a book. He acted in a number of many mythological films, specially playing the role of Lord Vishnu in many films.


His performance in Subarna Rekha is still remembered by those who have seen the film. He passed away in 1993 at the age of 72.


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Age 72 years
Year of Birth 1921
Place of Birth India
Date of Death 11 September 1993
Place of Death India, Maharashtra, Mumbai

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