Decade : 1960's

              Hollywood Movies

              This Is Not a Test

              This Is Not a Test Hollywood

              Seamon Glass Thayer Roberts Aubrey Martin
              The Yesterday Machine

              The Yesterday Machine Hollywood

              Tim Holt James Britton Jack Herman
              The Beast Of Yucca Flats

              The Beast Of Yucca Flats Hollywood

              Douglas Mellor Barbara Francis Bing Stafford
              Sword of Lancelot

              Sword of Lancelot Hollywood

              Cornel Wilde Jean Wallace Brian Aherne
              Night Fright

              Night Fright Hollywood

              John Agar Carol Gilley Ralph Baker Jr
              Iron Angel Korean War

              Iron Angel Korean War Hollywood

              Jim Davis Don Red Barry Margo Woodw
              Invaders from Space

              Invaders from Space Hollywood

              Ken Utsui Minako Yamada Junko Ikeuchi
              First Spaceship on Venus

              First Spaceship on Venus Hollywood

              Yoko Tani Oldrich Lukes Ignacy Machowski
              Attack From Space

              Attack From Space Hollywood

              Ken Utsui Utako Mitsuya Sachihiro Ohsawa

              Horror Time